Engage to Earn — NULS Tipper bot is now available in Nabox Telegram Community

4 min readMar 27, 2022


Use NULS Tipper bot in Nabox Telegram community to share 5,000,000 $NABOX

We have implemented a new feature in our Telegram group chat — “NULS Tipper Bot”, backed by NULS. To celebrate this, we are hosting the “Engage to Earn” event - interacting with NULS Tipper Bot to share 5,000,000 $NABOX. Before the interaction you should:

  1. Follow Nabox and NULS on Twitter.
  2. Join Nabox and NULS Telegram group chat.

What is NULS Tipper Bot?

NULS Tipper Bot is a telegram bot that enables the tipping of NULS/NABOX and NULS NRC20 tokens from one telegram account to another, currently available in NULS/Nabox Telegram group chat.

Why is this useful?

Community members can tip each other as a Thank you for assistance, like helping solve a problem, or for another reason.

It reduces time and complexity for telegram-related AMAs and giveaways since the receiver is a telegram id instead of a NULS address.

What is the best use of The Tipper Wallet?

The intention of the Tipper Wallet is to hold the tokens necessary to tip a few people. Consider the Tipper Wallet similar to the change you hold in your pocket. You would use that change to buy a coffee or two, maybe a sandwich or some cake, or pay for parking. If you lose that change, you will be disappointed or maybe annoyed. However, the loss does not impact your financial well-being.

The Tipper Wallet contains the NULS account affiliated with your telegram id. It is as secure as your telegram account.

As the owner of our telegram id, you can obtain from tipper the private key to your NULS account affiliated with the tipper. If you receive more NULS than “loose change,” you can transfer the contents to a more secure NULS account using a crypto wallet.

How to Interact with NULS Tipper?

You can interact with NULSTipper in Nabox Telegram chat by using the following commands:

The tipper bot: @NULSTipperBot

Available Commands:

  • /start

Displays your NULSTipper wallet along with the available commands

  • /balance

Checks the balance in your NULSTipper wallet (NULS and NRC20 tokens)

  • /deposit

Displays your deposit address

  • /withdraw

Allows you to view your Password and Private Key

  • /tip

To make a tip, you must use this syntax: “/tip @username amount token”

(Username) is the receiver of your tip.

(Amount) is the amount of tokens you wish to tip, (token) is the token you wish to tip (can be NULS or NRC20 token).

If the receiver does not have a NULSTipper wallet, the bot will create one. The receiver can use the /start command to redeem the tip. Please remember you will also need to have sufficient tokens to cover the fee, and the NULS to cover the gas for any tip. Otherwise, the tip will not be completed.

  • /transfer

To make a transfer, you must use this syntax: “/transfer receiversNULSaddress amount token”

(receiversNULSaddress) is the receiver’s NULS wallet address.

(Amount) is the amount of tokens you wish to transfer.

(token) is the token name you wish to transfer (can be NULS or NRC20 token). The token name is case-sensitive.

Please remember you will also need to have sufficient NULS as gas otherwise the transfer will not be completed.

Please note:

This is a test version.

  • Do not use this as your main wallet. This is a tipping service.
  • Tipper is a 3rd party product and is not an official NULS/Nabox service. The bot is created by one of the NULS community members — @JustCryptoCents(Twitter username)
  • Fees are charged for the tipping and transfer service. The fees are 5% on NULS and 5% on any other NRC20 token. The fee is to help cover the cost of hosting and maintaining the bot.

We (Nabox and NULS) welcome all feedback for this new service.

Please report all problems and/or concerns to @JustCryptoCents and include a screenshot.@JustCryptoCents, NULS official, and Nabox official will respond within 48 hours.

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