Guide to Participating in Nabox Launch on Yellow Road

Project Name: Nabox (NABOX)

Token Allocation Chart/Tokenomics & Distribution:

  • IDO date: Tuesday, 20:00 on June 15, 2021 (GMT +8)
  • 50,000 USDT of $NABOX will be available through the IDO, totalling 1,666,666,666 tokens. This corresponds to a $NABOX token price of 0.00003 USDT per token
  • Enter your email address ( Information will be sent to this email address if selected)
  • Enter your Twitter handle
  • Enter your Telegram handle
  • Enter your BSC wallet address
  • Join the Nabox Telegram Group
  • Follow Nabox on Twitter
  • Invalid wallet addresses, Twitter and Telegram accounts
  • Entries made by bots
  • Duplicate entries
  • Incomplete entries missing any of the form criteria

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About Us

Nabox — the simple, user-friendly gateway to DeFi.



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