How to Interact with Linea Bridge by Nabox Wallet?

3 min readJul 20


The Linea Mainnet has recently launched, and Nabox has integrated support for assets and DApps from Linea Mainnet. To ensure a smooth interaction between the Linea and Nabox communities, we have crafted a comprehensive tutorial on utilizing the Linea Bridge for bridging ETH assets to the Linea Mainnet.

  1. Download Nabox Wallet:

Available for Android, iOS, or Chrome Extension (For this tutorial, we will use the Nabox Extension Walle as an example).

2. After installing Nabox, click on “Create New Wallet” or “Import Wallet” to begin your journey (Please make sure to securely store your private key or mnemonic phrase).

3. Click the “Settings” button in the top right corner, open “Compatibility Mode”, and switch the wallet to the Ethereum network. Then, search for the Linea Bridge DApp.

4. Access Linea Bridge DApp and click the “Connect” button in the top right corner to connect your wallet. Choose “Metamask” (Note: Nabox Wallet is fully compatible with Metamask).

5. After connecting the wallet, switch to the Ethereum network, enter the amount of ETH for cross-chain transfer, click “START BRIDGING,” and then “Confirm.”

6. Once Ethereum and Linea confirm the transaction (which may take a few hours), you can view the bridged ETH assets in your Nabox Wallet on the Linea network.

Feel free to access the Linea Bridge DApp through Nabox Wallet, and we welcome your valuable feedback. If you have any questions, join the Nabox Telegram community for assistance.

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