Journey Through BNB Chain & opBNB Rainforest: Exploring Ecosystem Diversity!

3 min readMar 26, 2024

Event Introduction

On March 13th, BNB Chain launched the exciting “Airdrop Alliance Program,” and now we are thrilled to present the BNB Chain Rainforest Expedition in collaboration with Nabox Wallet. As a web3 gateway, Nabox Wallet serves as a bridge connecting various blockchains, ecosystem partners, and community users. This event aims to encourage increased participation on the BNB Chain and opBNB while incentivizing and engaging users within the community.

From March 26th to April 25th, join us on an exhilarating journey through the lush BNB Chain and opBNB rainforest, where you will explore the remarkable diversity of the ecosystem. We‘ve invited all 16 ecosystem partners to join us on this adventure and contribute to the vibrant growth of the BNB Chain and opBNB community.


This event is proudly organized by Nabox Wallet in collaboration with BNB Chain.

Task Platform

To facilitate seamless participation and rewards distribution, we have partnered with TaskON, a trusted and efficient task platform.


We are excited to invite a total of 16 esteemed BNB Chain and opBNB ecosystem projects to participate in this event, with four projects joining in each phase.

They are SecondLive, TiFi Token, ChainGPT, LOVELY SWAP, BetFury, Dmail Network, Gameta, OpenName, Sonorus, DappLink, Web3go,, Cellula, IceCreamSwap, Dechat, Matthew.

Event Duration

The Rainforest Expedition will span over one month, starting on March 26th and concluding on April 25th.

Event Overview

This thrilling event is divided into 4 phases, each representing 10 days of exploration in different rainforest habitats. Let’s take a glimpse at the themes for each phase:

  • Phase 1 — Rivers: Immerse yourself in the flowing rivers of the BNB Chain and opBNB rainforest.
  • Phase 2 — Jungles: Venture into the dense jungles and discover hidden treasures of the ecosystem.
  • Phase 3 — Swamps: Navigate through the mysterious swamps and unravel their secrets.
  • Phase 4 — Mountains: Ascend the majestic mountains and witness breathtaking views.

Reward Pool

  • In each phase, participating projects will contribute a total reward pool equivalent to $400-$800 in value, which will be distributed among the users as rewards.
  • Upon completing all tasks in each phase, users will receive a customized CAP specific to that phase. Completing all four phases will earn participants a total of four unique CAPs.
  • At the end of the event, the holders who hold all 4 CAPs will have the opportunity to share a grand prize pool worth (2800 USDT+ 80 Dmail domains).


Join us on this extraordinary expedition, where you will not only explore the wonders of the BNB Chain and opBNB rainforest but also receive rewards for your active participation.

Let’s create a thriving ecosystem together!

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