Nabox Mobile App (Beta) is now LIVE

Hello Nabox Community!

We are excited to announce that the brand-new Nabox Mobile App is ALMOST ready for game-time!

We are very grateful to the closed-group beta-testers who have been patient with us throughout the testing phase.

Here’s a taste of what makes us different from other wallets:

  • Integrating NerveNetwork cross-chain; cross-chain assets registered through NerveNetwork can be transferred between 6 blockchains: Ethereum, BSC, Heco, NULS, Nerve and OEC.
  • Supports asset management and DApp access to 6 blockchains through a single private key
  • Supports multi-chain DApp to switch accounts and networks in use
  • Allows you to see the distribution and total value of your total assets in each block chain network
  • … and much more to come!

The app is still in beta at the moment, and we will continue to implement new features and improvements based on user feedback to create an optimal Nabox experience.

Without further ado, here are direct links to the Nabox mobile apps!

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About Us

Nabox is a Cross-chain DeFi wallet with DID capabilities built for Web3.

Built on the cross-chain friendly NULS blockchain, Nabox enables seamless transactions and swaps across various chains via NerveNetwork technology.

Nabox — the simple, user-friendly gateway to DeFi.




Cross-Chain DeFi Wallet with Decentralized Identifier built for Web 3.0

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Cross-Chain DeFi Wallet with Decentralized Identifier built for Web 3.0

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