Nabox Wallet Quickstart Guide

2 min readAug 17, 2021

Dear Boxers,

We heard your call for help on how to use Nabox!

We’ve had this guide online for awhile now:

But it seems like you guys want more so here’s a quickstart guide with simple points and simple steps that we will keep updated as the apps and extensions keep getting improved.

Transfers 101

For transfers ACROSS THE SAME CHAIN on Nabox, you simply need to have the native token of that chain for gas.

  • If you’re transferring from BSC address to BSC address, you need BNB tokens for gas.
  • If you are transferring from NULS address to NULS address, you need NULS tokens for gas.
  • If you are transferring from ETH address to ETH address, you need ETH tokens for gas.

Cool? Good! Now that was simple.

Cross-chain Transactions 101

Cross-chain transactions are more complicated.

To transfer tokens from a NULS address to a BSC address, this is essentially TWO transactions:
NULS > Nerve > BSC

In order to facilitate this cross-chain transaction, you need gas fees in the form on NULS on the NULS blockchain, and NVT on the Nerve blockchain.

A little confused?

Here’s an example.

How to do cross-chain transfers from NULS to BSC

Here’s an example of how to transfer NABOX tokens from NULS to BSC.

Let’s go!

Notice that I’m now on the NULS blockchain. I’m going to transfer my NABOX tokens from NULS over to BSC.

I have prepared NULS tokens on the NULS blockchain and NVT tokens on the Nerve blockchain as gas fees.

Here is the same Nabox account, where I have NVT on the Nerve blockchain.

I’m ready to go!

At this next step, you can see the number of NULS and NVT required for this cross-chain transaction.

Simply confirm the transaction and viola, congratulations, you have made a cross-chain transaction!




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