Nabox Weekly Issue 1

Development: Nabox Backend

  • Auto-detection of network for Nabox DApps
  • Development of NaboxSwap module and RPC tools
  • Addition of personal_sign and eth_sign to Android vault

Development: Nabox iOS

  • UI & design improvements
  • Addition of account switching for DApps
  • Formatting and design of DApp
  • Addition of QR code for User Dashboard
  • Adding of functionality for asset management page

Development: Android

  • Addition of 2 signing gateways for DApp
  • Auto-refresh of stats for each import and creation of wallet
  • Implementation of default assets upon login
  • UI adjustments on icons
  • On-click animation designs for asset-switching
  • Addition of toggles for slippage
  • Implemented auto-detection of network to display only relevant DApps for the applicable network

Community Operations

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Nabox — the simple, user-friendly gateway to DeFi.



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