Nabox Weekly Issue 135

2 min readFeb 19, 2024

Nabox App

  • Completed integration of new blockchains.
  • Optimizing WalletConnect multi-network connection.
  • Fixed issues reported online.


  • Continued development of backend functionality for the new version.
  • Continued UI design for the new version of the web interface.

Community operation

  • Swapped Finance DApp is listed on Nabox.
  • New DApp listing of Berachain on Nabox: Honey, BEX, BGT Station, Bend.
  • SwapBox x zkSync Joint Campaign.

Nabox Liquidity Pool Updates

PancakeSwap Pool $239.2K

Uniswap Pool $97.7K

NerveSwap Pool 157.6K

PheasantSwap $48.2K

Nabox Community Updates

  • Twitter Followers: 220.5K
  • Telegram members: 43.6K
  • Discord members: 87.1K

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About Us

Nabox is a cross-chain DID application built for Web3.

With Nabox, you can manage assets across different blockchains whether for DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, and other use cases that come up. Nabox is your gateway to the multi-chain world.

Nabox ID uses an asymmetric cryptographic algorithm as the basis of Nabox’s DID. Users use the same set of keys and public keys to manage assets and data on different blockchains.

SwapBox aggregates mainstream DEXs to provide users with asset exchange and asset cross-chain exchange, and intelligently find the best exchange path.

Nabox — The Multi-Chain DID Gateway to Web3
SwapBox — The Intelligent Cross-chain DEX Aggregator




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