Nabox Weekly Issue 44

  • Carry out product design for Tron network access.
  • Carry out the development of the cross-chain exchange part of Tron network access.
  • Fixed issues encountered when Android users added a new chain.
  • Optimized gateway to DApp for Android and iOS.
  • Testing and submission of the new version for Android have been completed, now pending release.
  • Nabox and KCC Ecosystem jointly held a trading competition.
  • A Twitter airdrop event in conjunction with The Donation Post project.
  • Nabox App supports asset and DApps management of Moonbeam network.
  • LEONICORN DApp is listed on Nabox wallet.
  • Nabox has reached strategic cooperation with DeFiner.
  • ApeSwap Pool $152K.
  • PancakeSwap Pool $112K.
  • Uniswap $99K.
  • Twitter followers 96.3K.
  • Telegram community members 53.4K.
  • Discord community members 23.9K.

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