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Nabox x BetFury SwapBox Staking & Trading Competition, $10,000 worth of $BFG up for grabs!

We are excited to announce Nabox x BetFury staking and trading competition!


The staking and trading will be held on SwapBox — the Intelligent Cross-chain DEX Aggregator🔗

1. Staking — SwapBox L1 Farm

Stake BFG-USDT Cake LP to earn $BFG in SwapBox L1 Farm

  • Time duration: 11 days — from 12 PM (UTC) 19th Dec to 12 PM (UTC) 30th Dec
  • Staking reward pool: 320,000 $BFG

Note: The staking $BFG reward will be locked for 7 days after claiming from SwapBox.

2. Trading competition

Time duration: 7 days — from 12 PM (UTC) 19th Dec to 12 PM (UTC) 26th Dec

Trade $BFG in SwapBox, and share 480,000 $BFG depending on the rank of total transactions

  • Top 1:40,000 $BFG
  • Top 2:24,000 $BFG
  • Top 3:16,000 $BFG
  • Top 4–10:8,000 $BFG
  • Except for the Top 1–10, users who trade $BFG over $50 in SwapBox will share the other 344,000 $BFG reward.

Note: $BFG Reward will be sent in 5 days after the competition is over. Winners please claim it from ParaBox.

✨Nabox x BetFury Joint Airdrop

We are also excited to announce Nabox x BetFury Joint Airdrop!

🎁15,000 $BFG + 25,000,000 $NABOX

⏰17th Dec — 24th Dec


About BetFury

The BetFury team has united crypto-enthusiasts from all over the world. All of its members are bound up in the idea of developing i-Gaming and making users’ experiences unforgettable.

The team is interested in creating a bigger, profitable, successful, and enjoyable platform for everyone by using the full capabilities of blockchain development in order to provide several advantages: scaling of the platform, minimal commission, instant transactions, and broad token usage options.





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