Unveiling of Investors

2 min readMay 10, 2021


Dear Naboxers,

In order to further the progress and development of Nabox, we shall be issuing NABOX Tokens to our investors OKEx Blockdream Ventures, LD Capital, PrimeBlock, Scorpio VC, Damo Labs, AC Capital, CatcherVC, etc.

These are just some of the partners that have invested, and we will be revealing others very soon.

NABOX Tokens are NRC20 tokens built on the NULS blockchain. They are freely transferrable across chains, and are the governance tokens for the Nabox project, which can be used for voting and for facilitating partnerships.

Through NerveNetwork, NABOX tokens are transferrable across Nabox wallets without incurring gas fees. They shall be used as rewards and incentives in our contribution towards mainstream adoption of cryptoassets.

20% of NABOX tokens will be allocated to the institutional investors of the Nabox project, and will be unlocked over 18 months. 60% of the tokens will be used for liquidity mining, and we plan to set aside 5% of the tokens for airdrops to active Nabox users. The remaining 15% will be set aside for the Nabox team, to be released linearly over 3 years.

Nabox is a Decentralized Identifier wallet built for Web 3.0. With a DID, Nabox users are able to manage and sign their digital assets across various chains. There are no centralized registration processes on Nabox, and all private keys are managed by the users directly. Each private key is a DID, and we will do our very best to make blockchain and cryptoassets simple for the layman to understand and use.

Our goal is to become the simplest gateway to Web 3.0 for DeFi.

You can connect to various blockchains and DApps with Nabox, and can use the DID feature to approve and login to various DApps, whether annonymously or with your true identity.

Team Nabox
10 May 2021




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